By Azadeh Williams(CMO)


What does 2018 hold for digital marketers? We ask a raft of marketers, martech experts and industry commentators

Prepare to face the realities of Blockchain hype

Which leads to CMO’s fifth prediction for 2018: Blockchain, both in terms of hype as well as reality.

According to Forrester’s 2018 predictions, CIOs further exploit the potential of blockchain technology in the New Year. But don’t expect a major leap in technology maturity. Security, fraud management and identity verification are among the more pressing issues for future blockchain adoption that still need to be thoroughly addressed.

“2017 wasn’t a great year for trust,” Swann admits. “The misinformation peddled in political campaigns has made us question our leaders and institutions; the validity of academic and scientific research was frequently questioned; and a consistent stream of data breaches eroded confidence in many commercial organisations. All of this opens the door for a big year for blockchain in 2018.

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