No Traffic To My Website


So you have a beautiful website, but there is NO Traffic To My Website ! What ?? Yes, that happens all the time. Lots of people or businesses put websites up and either forget about them or do not know or realize their websites are not getting traffic. What are you missing that everyone else is doing right? It could be one thing or lots of things. Take a look at your keywords, Are the keywords you are using on your pages in the title of the post? Then in the first sentence of your article? When people type into a search engine they usually type in a sentence, like There is NO Traffic To My Website. Then the search engine keys off of this and looks for keywords to match your search. My Keyword would be more of a long tail Keyword, but still makes the point. Also, when you create an article or any page on your website, more words about what you are trying to express add value to your page or site.

Media on your website either on your page or post are great and they add value. But when you add a picture make sure the picture is titled the same as your post. So my picture has a Title of No Traffic To My Website. and the Alt title has the same (No Traffic To My Website). This is a great link and adds value to your website or post. You can also link back to your main page from your post. .That way you have links pointing to your own site.

Make sure you have a SEO pack to add keywords and a brief description that people or future clients will see when they search like I have for No Traffic To My Website. So the description for this post will show in Google as – (Why is there NO Traffic To My Website? Common problems why your website has no traffic. How to make simple changes to improve your traffic to your website.)

What we have shown you are basic adjustments that can be made to improve your website. Look for our next article on other ways to improve your traffic to your website.

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